Truck rams cyclist off the road in Christchurch in NZ

Stunning minute a truck RAMS a bicycle owner off their bike in New Zealand just after beeping the rider who refuses to use bike lane

  • Intense truck driver speeds guiding bike owner in Christchurch, NZ on August 3
  • Cyclist riding together 30km/h road in front of truck who begins to get disappointed
  • Driver continually beeps for rider to get out of the way before ramming the wheel
  • But the bicycle under no circumstances tries to move more than and will not go into the right cycle lane 
  • ruck driver carries on to intimidate the rider before knocking him off the bike 

A furious truck driver who sped up and knocked a cyclist off their bike right after they refused to transfer into one more lane has sparked a row about road principles.

Shocking footage demonstrates the truck driving amazingly near to a bicycle owner and beeping for them to get out of the way in Christchurch in New Zealand on August 3. 

The bicycle owner carries on alongside the 30km/h road as the driver of the truck begins to honk his horn in an attempt to intimidate the rider.

The intense truck driver sped up to the cyclist and rammed their again wheel (pictured)

They carry on to ride alongside the street as the driver beeps aggressively for them to transfer out of the way.  

But at one place, the pair travel past a parallel lane which the car or truck or truck could have taken to enable the other to go, which neither did, and the bike owner under no circumstances attempted to enter their designated lane.


Who was in the incorrect?

  • Truck 58 votes
  • Auto 27 votes
  • Each 88 votes
  • Doubtful 3 votes

Immediately after plenty of makes an attempt at hoping to get the bike owner to shift, the truck speeds up yet again from behind and rams the bike’s wheel various situations. 

The rider seems to trip a little bit speedier to get absent from the hostile driver but the truck speeds up and hits the wheel once again. 

Out of the blue the truck driver has experienced more than enough and rides up to the cyclists wheel, bashing it and knocking the rider on to the ground.

Furious social media users slammed the truck driver for his carelessness and called for them to eliminate their license.

‘There’s a obvious lane outright subsequent to him, why could not the truck driver just alter lanes? Hope he loses his license for at minimum fifty percent a year,’ an individual wrote. 

‘That is an absolute disgusting way to treat a vulnerable road person. I actually hope the courts go tricky on him. I hope is sent to jail for this,’ one more commented. 

The cyclist attempted to ride faster to get away from the furious driver who continued to beep at them (pictured)

The bicycle owner tried to ride speedier to get absent from the furious driver who ongoing to beep at them (pictured)

The truck driver eventually had enough and knocked the cyclist off their bike and on to the ground (pictured)

The truck driver finally had ample and knocked the cyclist off their bike and on to the ground (pictured)

Many others nonetheless, sided with the truck driver inquiring why the bicycle owner was in the center of the street when there was a clear bicycle lane.

‘There is a divided cycle lane on this highway that the rider could have been working with which would have avoided this completely,’ anyone pointed out.

‘Why was the cyclist in the center of the lane and not shifting above to the still left. He would have identified there was site visitors driving him,’ one more wrote.

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