Amy Coney Barrett: The likely confirmation schedule for the Supreme Court nominee

Below is the likely timetable for the prospective confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court docket.

As is customized, the committee is holding the nomination above for a 7 days. The Senate Judiciary Committee will once again fulfill to consider Barrett’s nomination at 1 pm ET on Thursday, Oct. 22.

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The committee will vote to ship the nomination to the ground (technically the “calendar,” but which is yet another story). A nominee does not have to have a “favorable” suggestion from the committee to go to the flooring. Robert Bork received an “unfavorable” suggestion from the committee in 1987 (and was defeated on the flooring). Supreme Court docket Justice Clarence Thomas was sent to the ground with “no recommendation” in 1991 before being confirmed.

The committee will have to have a basic bulk vote to advance the nomination to the whole Senate.

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Senate The greater part Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., announced earlier this week that he would set the nomination on the flooring on Friday, Oct. 23.

Here’s the place it receives a little tough.

If the committee finishes the nomination on Oct. 22, the Senate simply cannot formally think about it until Oct. 23. Continue to keep in thoughts, that could start out at 12:00:01 a.m. ET Friday if McConnell actually needs to strike the gasoline pedal.

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McConnell should shift to shift the Senate into executive session (as opposed to legislative session) to precisely take into account the Barrett nomination. This kind of a process probable requires a vote — but is not debatable (subject matter to a filibuster). That vote could be by roll contact, a voice vote or by unanimous consent (so very long as there is no objection by any senator). Democrats could make some mischief at this stage by not obtaining a quorum existing or demanding a quorum be existing — but not aiding represent a quorum.

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This move to go to government session needs a uncomplicated majority. And as soon as the Senate is in executive session for Barrett, the clerk “reports” (reads aloud) the nomination prior to this Senate.

There is no “motion to proceed” on this form of nomination, based on a precedent set in the late 1970s by the late Senate Majority Chief Robert Byrd, D-W.V. Therefore, there is no way Democrats could filibuster just starting off discussion on the nomination. Even so, Democrats could test to filibuster on the back again finish.

At this stage, McConnell could file cloture to curb debate and conquer a filibuster. McConnell could do this as early as Friday, Oct. 23.


Irrespective of when McConnell documents cloture, by rule, the “cloture petition” (to finish discussion on the nomination) ripens for a vote immediately after an intervening day.

So, if McConnell information cloture to end discussion on Friday, Oct. 23, then Saturday, Oct. 24, is the intervening working day. The cloture petition would ripen on Sunday, Oct. 25. By rule, the Senate can start off voting to stop discussion on the nomination one hour after the Senate satisfies, following the intervening working day. Yet again, if they seriously want to strike the gasoline, this could take place at 1 a.m. ET on Sunday, Oct. 25.


But, we really do not know that they will move that expeditiously. It’s a lot more likely the Senate votes to end debate on the nomination on Monday, Oct. 26, or later in the week.

Underneath the provisions of “Nuclear Option II” (the place McConnell recognized a new precedent — not a policies transform — decreasing the bar to end a filibuster on Supreme Court nominations from 60 votes to 51 to validate Justice Neil Gorsuch), the Senate would vote to stop discussion on the nomination. That entails a simple bulk. Once cloture on the nomination is “invoked” (halting a filibuster), discussion is then confined to 30 hours.

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As soon as 30 hrs have expired, the Senate could choose an up-or-down vote on the nomination itself. It only needs 51 votes to validate Barrett.

That’s why we feel the true affirmation of Barrett won’t transpire right up until the middle or finish of the week of Oct. 25, most likely Oct. 28-30.

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