Three ducks escort deadly tiger snake back to shore form a lake in Whiteman Park, WA


Wildlife photographer captures unbelievable second a few ducks enable a fatal tiger snake swimming in their lake obtain his way back to shore

  • Tim Kemp captured the lethal Tiger snake swimming in Whiteman Park, WA
  • He considered the snake was going to assault the a few ducks swimming close by
  • The ducks then swam absent primary the snake back to shore unfazed
  • Mr Kemp reported he’d in no way observed anything at all like it in his time as a photographer   

A photographer has snapped the amazing moment three ducks escorted a remarkably venomous tiger snake that had been swimming in their lake again to the shore.

Tim Kemp was in Whiteman Park north of Perth this 7 days when he spotted the snake creating its way to a patch of floating vegetation wherever the ducks experienced been sitting down.

He quickly braced for the worst, anticipating the ducks to turn into the snake’s upcoming meal only to then see them calmly direct the reptile back onto dry land. 

Mr Kemp advised Each day Mail Australia he’d never noticed anything at all like it in all his yrs as a wildlife photographer.

Mother nature photographer Tim Kemp witnessed the remarkable instant three ducks escorted a tiger snake back to shore in Whiteman Park in the vicinity of Perth this week

Mr Kemp said he initially thought the ducks were about to become the snake's next meal before seeing them lead the reptile back to shore

Mr Kemp stated he initially considered the ducks have been about to grow to be the snake’s next meal ahead of seeing them direct the reptile back to shore

‘As the minutes ticked by and there weren’t any feathers traveling or wings splashing, I realised if the birds understood the snake was there, they failed to care,’ he reported.

‘I assume the ducks realized they weren’t in any hazard. None of them experienced a nest on the vegetation they ended up enjoyable on. And they are just way too major for the tiger snake to suit in its gob.

‘Smaller birds and frogs would have been on the menu, had the snake been able to locate them.’

Immediately after racing to snap a several pics of the exceptional experience Mr Kemp viewed as the snake slithered onto the shore and out of sight.

He was stunned the 3 ducks ended up all from various breeds but had appear alongside one another to shoo absent the snake – only to return to the swamp totally unfazed.

‘The ducks weren’t any worse for have on. Quite a few breeding pairs swam off with each other. I viewed a male Shelduck exhibiting off to a female. A selection of swans and ibises arrived gliding in for a cleansing and leisure session on the minimal environmentally friendly island,’ he stated.

Tiger snakes are extremely venomous to humans and can prey on small birds and mammals

Tiger snakes are particularly venomous to humans and can prey on modest birds and mammals

Mr Kemp said the birds were unfazed by the tiger snake and were far too big to be eaten

Mr Kemp reported the birds were unfazed by the tiger snake and ended up far far too major to be eaten

The snake had swam towards a patch of vegetation where the ducks had been basking in the sunshine

The snake experienced swam toward a patch of vegetation in which the ducks had been basking in the sunshine

‘I walked again to my automobile, wondering about how a bunch of unique species of birds worked alongside one another to tutorial that Tiger snake absent from their hangout. 

‘Don’t see that each individual working day.’

Mr Kemp said he’d experienced run ins with snakes ahead of but had under no circumstances found a person acquire to the h2o.

On a person event he credited a purple-cheeked wattlebird from ‘saving’ him from a Tiger snake soon after he virtually walked correct on top of it.

‘As usual, I was not paying focus to the floor. The wattlebird’s phone calls became louder as I approached,’ he claimed.

Mr Kemp said the ducks didn't seem to care they were swimming next to an extremely deadly snake

Mr Kemp reported the ducks didn’t seem to care they were swimming next to an exceptionally lethal snake

Tiger snakes can swim underwater for up to nine minutes as well as climbing trees

Tiger snakes can swim underwater for up to nine minutes as nicely as climbing trees

‘When I was about two metres from the chook, it dropped off its perch and swooped down in front of me – claws and scimitar-shaped beak flashing at the Tiger snake I’d not seen. “Phew! Thanks hen!”.’

Tiger snakes are extremely venomous to individuals and are dependable for the 2nd maximum amount of snake bites in Australia.

Bites can be deadly if left untreated and in January this calendar year a 79-calendar year-old farmer in Tasmania died following he was bitten various occasions on his leg and hand.


Tiger snakes can expand up to two metres extended and are very venomous to people

They are identified in south-east and south-western areas of Australia

Bites can be fatal if remaining untreated and their venom can also guide to kidney failure

Tiger snakes are able to swim and can climb as higher as 10 metres 

They feed on fish, frogs and tadpoles, lizards, birds and mammals

The venomous snakes can also stay underwater for 9 minutes