‘I think Uber’s actually doing OK’


Parsley Power: “Parsley and Chevron are the only oil stocks I will advise. They are the two finest run.”

Logitech: “You are undertaking it beautifully. Let’s just preserve it likely.”

Alteryx: “Alterxy is the variety of business you know I just assume it’s certainly great, but I have acquired to inform you men and women will promote a stock like Alteryx in buy to be able to get dollars” to put into the upcoming IPO. “That is what I see when I glimpse at what took place these days wit hSnowflake.”

Uber: “I feel Uber’s really performing Ok.”

Nordic American Tanker: “I imagine you made a minor bit of income. It can be time to transfer on.”

Sea Constrained: “I see that stock goin up all the time, and I’ve gvot to notify you I donm’t know why that is and I’ve acquired to find out just before I recommend a stock or not.”