Survey shows young New Yorkers’ lack of Holocaust knowledge


Approximately 20 % of Millennials and Gen Z in New York consider the Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a new survey introduced on Wednesday.

The results occur from the to start with ever 50-condition study on the Holocaust know-how of American Millennials and Gen Z, which was conducted by Schoen Cooperman Analysis.

For instance, despite the fact that there were being much more than 40,000 camps and ghettos all through Entire world War II, 58 p.c of respondents in New York can’t identify a single just one.

Also, 60 per cent of respondents in New York do not know that 6 million Jews have been killed for the duration of the Holocaust.

“The outcomes are the two surprising and saddening and they underscore why we have to act now when Holocaust survivors are nevertheless with us to voice their tales,” said Gideon Taylor, President of the Conference on Jewish Substance Assert In opposition to Germany.

A total of 34 % of respondents in New York feel the Holocaust transpired but the variety of Jews who died has been drastically exaggerated or believe the Holocaust is a fantasy and did not come about or are doubtful.

Only 28 per cent of respondents in New York believe it is suitable to keep neo-Nazi views, when 62 per cent have under no circumstances visited a Holocaust museum in the United States.

At least 65 % of respondents in New York believe Holocaust schooling ought to be obligatory in college, and 79 percent say it is significant to retain instructing about the Holocaust, in component, so that it does not occur once more.

“We want to understand why we aren’t executing far better in educating a youthful generation about the Holocaust and the classes of the previous. This desires to serve as a wake-up connect with to us all, and as a highway map of wherever federal government officers want to act,” Taylor extra.